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Garth Russell is an Australian actor, radio and television identity...

Garth Russell has worked at 2NC Radio Newcastle in 1986 as a radio presenter.He joined John Paul Young aka JPY at NewFM Radio as a compere in the 1990's. Garth joined with Steve Clarke as Newcastle's zaniest breakfast DJs Garth and Steve at NXFM Radio in the 1990's, holding events such as: the Non-Event at Fanny's Nightclub in December 1999.The NON-EVENT was "the biggest non-event since the 1997 Newcastle Bicentenary" .. DJ Steve Clarke. "the party aims to debunk some of the hype surrounding this year's millennium party by getting in early."...DJ Garth Russell.

NewFM radio became a breeding ground for a cool league of on-air operators such as John Paul Young, Tim Carroll, Peter Mobbs, Garth Russell, Steve Graham, Craig Lawson, Mathew White, Varity Webb, Phil O'Neil, Maynard, Debbie Spillane, Scott Bevan, Gary Who and Gavin Morris.

Garth has acted in Australian televsion and films inluding:
Water Rats - Season Three in 1998 with Colin Friels, Catherine McClements, Jay Laga'aia, Brett Partridge, Scott Burgess, Peter Bensley, Toni Scanlon, Raelee Hill, Steve Bisley, Allison Cratchley, Anthony Martin and John Walton in episode 59...Behind Closed Doors on 17.03.1998 with Rebecca Hobbs, Scott McGregor, Robyn Gibbes, Sean Kennedy, Gezelle Byrnes, Barbara Moreton, Nick Opolski, Inge Hornstra, Garth Russell and Jim Webb. Episode 60... The Long Haul on 17.03.1998 with Rebecca Hobbs, Scott McGregor, Robyn Gibbes, Nick Opolski, Garth Russell, Inge Hornstra, Linda Newton, Timothy Jones, Rani Ramjan, Sam Couzens, Lamberto Bianchi, John Raaen, Lawrence Woodward and Andrew Crabbe.

All Saints - Season Five in 2002 with Jenni Baird, Paul Tassone, Ling Hsueh Ting, Joy Smithers, Luciano Martucii, Josh Quong Tart and Natasha Beaumont. In Episode 181...Thicker Than Water on April 30, 2002, guest Starring: Paul Tassone, Jenni Baird, Luciano Martucii, Josh Quong Tart, Ling-Hsueh Tang, Maggie Blinco, Paul Goodard, Laurie Foell, Alyson Standern, Kim Hillas, Rochelle Whyte, Gerry Sont, Garth Russell as Detective Hewitt, Barry Pearce, Less Asmussen, John Flower, Hermoine Gehle, Lilly Mullin-Civers, Jayden Lance, Kosta Doukas, David Reid, Cate Murray, Kylee Ferguson and Minoque Prowse. Judgement Day Episode 193 on July 23, 2002. Written by Louis Crane and directed by Scott Patterson.Guest Starring: Tammy Macintosh, Chris Haywood Paul Tassone, Jenni, Josh Quong Tart, Natasha Beaumont, Ling-Hsueh Tang, Monette Lee, Anne Louise Lambert, Benjamin Blayluck, Rebecca Smee, Christian Willis, Neil Grant, Keith Armitage, Garth Russell as Detective Hewitt, Angelean Milner, Andy Mulstenholne and Luke Barlow. Consuming Passions Episode 208 on November 05, 2002. Guest Starring: Tammy Macintosh, Paul Tassone, Jenni Baird, Natasha Beaumont, Ling-Hsueh Tang, Celia Ireland, Richard Wilson, Anni Finsterer, Pat Hutchinson, Brian Harrison, Gwyneth Price, Victoria Hill, Rochelle Whyte, Leon Ford, Zach McKay, Stephen Shanahan, Garth Russell as Detective Hewitt, David McLeod, Craig Curran, Mark Fitzpatrick, Joel McIlroy, Ben Tomkins and Janine Penfold.

Garth Russell supports Newcastle Jets...Date published: 17/04/2003. Sting once sang about how hard it is for an Englishman in New York, Garth Russell found it harder to be a Newcastle Jets supporter on the Central Coast on this day. His mission was simple: fly the Jets flag, wear the team stripes in the Mariners heartland, and see what happened. "The Central Coast people seemed nice, despite the fact we're essentially at war with them. But if the ancient mariner can handle an annoying albatross, I'm confident he couldn't shoot down a jet"...Garth Russell

In 2004 the Newcastle Music Awards were presented by Garth Russell and JPY at the Civic Theatre to award the Hunter and Central Coast’s finest musicians.The awards night, was held on Thursday October 28 2004. JPY lead a stellar line up of local talent, with a performance of his internationally recognised hit Love Is In the Air. This song was introduced to a new generation when it was featured in the film Strictly Ballroom, featuring Paul Mecurio. And with 1233’s Mornings presenter, and Weekend presenter Madeleine Randall.

In 2006 Garth Russell was a judge at The Newcastle Film Festival with Yahoo Serious: Newcastle's most successful film maker will resume his role as Festival Patron and participate as a judge with Garth Russell and Amy Edwards: journalist and Kerry Herman: independent producer. The festival began in 1996 as the Open City Film Festival put together by an enthusiastic group of University of Newcastle film students. Since then the Festival has continued as an annual event which provides film enthusiasts of the Hunter region with the chance to celebrate film culture. The Festival also provides a platform for emerging film makers to showcase their short films with the Newcastle Short Film Awards

Garth Russell performed and narrated Flipside by Danny Furlong available in CDs/cassettes/mp3-CDs: 2CD.

He currently works at 1233 ABC Radio Newcastle. Mornings with Garth Russell talks about the things that matter to the people of the Hunter. Not only does Garth keep you in touch with whats happening in your community, he delves into state politics and the downright quirky. Meet ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

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